Doctors report that an increasing number of patients are requesting cosmetic procedures because they want to remain competitive in the workplace.

Not so long ago, plastic surgery was associated primarily with wealthy women of a certain age, but in recent years that stereotype has died out: men and women as young as their late twenties are now undergoing cosmetic procedures, in many cases to increase their chances for professional advancement.

“We have a lot of men that come to us to look younger in the workplace,” a Silicon Valley doctor states, “Because there are so many young executives in Silicon Valley, the pressure [to look young] is very strong.”

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Regarding procedures that are hot right now: It was reported to me from a colleague that recently a 38-year-old male patient “landed his dream job” after a lower blepharoplasty and brow Age range of those investing in a younger appearance is fairly wide. “As people age through time, there are different concerns that come up in each decade of life – for example, patients in their twenties and thirties often come in wanting to improve fine lines and wrinkles around their mouth, or to volumize their cheeks to make the face appear more youthful,” he says. “As people age into their forties and fifties, their concerns might be the loose jowls, or the not as sharp jawline, and they want to undergo procedures that can help lift and tighten the neck such as a facelift.”

Growing young

While the achingly hip and ambitious startup crowd for which Silicon Valley is famed is turning to plastic surgery as a means for success among increasingly younger people, it’s not the only industry driving the phenomenon. Entertainment is another field that sees people embracing cosmetic procedures as a means to stay competitive in their careers.

“Because I practice in Beverly Hills, California, aka, Hollywood, a lot of my patients are in the entertainment industry and image is a huge component of their job,” says one CA physician. “They are looking to be fit, youthful, vibrant, and attractive for the camera.” For these patients, the importance of looks is no secret, and many have blatantly lost work to others based solely on their age and appearance. “The older patients who come to the office seeking reversal treatments for age-related changes tell me all the time how they are being looked over for promotions, roles in movies, [and] generalized attention,”

“People are concerned about keeping their jobs and job hopping has increased,” he notes, adding that patients will often take advantage of the transition period between jobs as time to recover from plastic surgery.

Reality check

As with any other motivation for undergoing plastic surgery, patients seeking procedures to change their appearance for their careers need a serious consultation, and a crystal clear reality check. Call Eberbach today!

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